KTM Contingency
Available at this series

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

12 Motocross Events from 5/24/14 to 8/23/14
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Pays out for all 12 races. What's this?

Qualifying Classes & Contingency Payout

Class 1st - 20th 21st - 40th Total
250 MX $600  $400  $20,000
450 MX $600  $400  $20,000
next to amount indicates cash award, all other amounts are dealer credit

Motocross General Contingency Rules

* In motocross events, payout is for overall combined moto scores

* In Supercross events, payout is for main event only

* Must ride a 2015 or newer KTM motorcycle to be eligible

* Only motorcycles containing a genuine KTM Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are eligible

* The KTM logo and plastic components must be displayed on the KTM motorcycle for contingency eligibility

* A minimum of 6 riders per class must be present for KTM Contingency to be awarded